Welsh Government Digital Leadership Event

We hope you found value in attending the event at the Tramshed this week. Many of you have asked for information about the presentations and the speakers, we have put together a selection for you to access some of the content. You'll find the presentations and contact details for the speakers as well as a brochure that provides an overview of the main principles around Digital Transformation. If you would like to stay in touch so you can be notified of future events then just sign up to stay in touch.

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digital inclusion & users

Tristan Wilkinson shared research that demonstrated the importance of understanding the needs of your users and how to engage with them effectively


Government as a Platform

Mark Thompson explored how Government can share services and how collaboration and good service design can save money and improve public services


Cyber Threat – Myth or Reality?

Professor Richard Benham provided an expert overview of the reality of cyber threats and ways to reduce the risks for your organisation

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